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Santa Cruz County Parents Association

Serving Families and Children Since 1976 - Asistiendo a Padres y Niņos Desde 1976

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1976 SCCPA is founded as a private nonprofit organization to assist in addressing the needs of parents and children in the Santa Cruz County. Some of the initial founders who had served on the Children's Commission's Child Care Task Force were acutely aware of the need for after-school child care programs and, as a result, a plan was developed by the newly-created Parents Association for the implementation of six after-school child care programs. These programs, created to address the needs of school-aged children, were also designed to be responsive to the needs of participating parents. The 1976 Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors funded the proposed plan. Two additional programs, The Santa Cruz Toddler Care Center and the San Lorenzo Valley Drop-in Center were also funded under the organizational structure of the SCCPA. In the same year, the SCCPA was awarded a contract with the State Department of Education to operate a child care payment program, the Voucher Project, which was intended to financially assist families who work, attend a training program or are seeking employment with child care payments.
1978-1979 By 1978 most of the child care centers affiliated with the organization are sufficiently established to pursue self -incorporation. By 1979 the sole program of the SCCPA was the Voucher Project. Since that time, funding was received to increase the Voucher Project's child care services so that currently the program provided assistance with child care payments to approximately 275 families and 450 children every month.
1983- today A Parent Services component was developed to identify and address some of the unmet needs of parents receiving child care services through the Voucher Project. Some of the results of the implementation of this component have been publication of the Parent Newsletter coordination of parent workshops, development of a comprehensive community resource file, preparation of a directory of services for children and families with special needs, and implementation of a parent lending library and video library.

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