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Voucher Project: Helpful Definitions

Alternate Payment Programs (APP)

These subsidy programs provide parental choice for families that are income eligible and need eligible. Parents enrolled in the program can choose any licensed or license exempt providers.

General child development centers (CDC)

Full day programs for children (birth to 14) from low income families who need child care in order to work, attend school or participate in job training programs. Parent participation is required and family support services are provided.

Head Start

These are free programs for children three to five years old from low-income families. It is not necessary for parents to be employed or in training programs. Most programs are half day. Health care and parent training are also available.

State Preschools

Families in these programs must meet income requirements but do not need to establish need. Programs are part-day or full day and offer comprehensive educational, health, and social service programs for very low income three and four year olds. Many State Preschools are bilingual.

School aged Parenting and Infant Development Programs-Teen Parents

These programs provide child care services for teen mothers who are enrolled in high school or community college programs.

Family child care Networks

These programs provide subsidized care within Family Child Care home settings for low income families with need.

Campus Child Care

These programs give subsidy priority to low income parents who are affiliated with the Community College system.

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